A Little World View of Strippers

A Little World View of Strippers

The Perfect Journey of the Strip Clubs

February 9, 1983 in the Paris club “Moulin Rouge” a party of students was buzzing. There was a beauty contest on the stage, and during her release, a model named Mona almost completely stripped. An outfit called by the administration of the club arrested Mona, causing a student riot. The scandal was eventually hushed up, but the style of public exposure to music was not.

Strippers in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there was a tradition to bind pole workers to a funeral. This tradition started among the Taiwanese gangsters, and later adopted by ordinary citizens. In the mid-eighties, authorities banned the funeral strippers making this practice illegal, but still continues in the province.

Unstripping in Germany

In Germany, there is kind of anti-striptease: ladies, many of the elderly, dress slowly and usually with music. Kind of the reverse stripper.

No strippers in Iceland

One of the countries where striptease is illegal is Iceland.


There are many strip clubs in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam alone there are more than two hundred strip joints, and for the most diverse tastes: with a striptease performed by Lilliputians, full girls, middle-aged women, etc.

Smart Strippers in England

In England, 25% of strippers have a degree. Researchers at a prestigious university have found out that in this way girls earn their education.


The largest strip club is located in Vegas. It is called “Sapphire“, and 400 dancers work there simultaneously. It recently sold for 80 million dollars: that was how much the new owner paid in 2006 when he bought Sapphire. You can have your selection of every type of female strippers available there as well.


Americans attend strip clubs, of which there are more than five thousand in the country, more often than other entertainment venues – cinemas, theaters, and so on.



Breast augmentation surgery costs American pole workers much less than other women, as it is not subject to income tax. The state proceeds from the fact that strippers need it for work.

The average age of an American stripper is 24 years, and the average income is $ 122,000 a year.

Recall that in Australia the koala arranged a striptease show, we also wrote about why Pole dance is gaining popularity all over the world.

The narrative can begin around the 12th century AD, when the Mallakhamb culture, a type of yoga on a wooden post, was first born in India. Or since the times when in the same India they practiced a different culture of Mallastambha, which involved the training of strength and endurance in young men by performing tricks and exercises on a wooden pole. The next step on the way to the emergence of pole dance can be considered the centuries-old work of circus acrobats. They not only borrowed the experience of previous cultures using the pole as a tool for tricks, but also developed their knowledge and invented something new. It should be noted that many tricks performed by circus acrobats on the pole are actively used in modern pole dance. Now you can have the best options available.

With the advent and development of striptease, pole dance elements began to be used by striptease dancers. Thus, they showed a higher level of professionalism (erotic postures, demonstration of their merits). It is believed that pole dance was first used in striptease in Canada. But there is no reliable evidence of this fact.